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Why I became a Reiki Practitioner

Updated: May 29, 2021

I first learned about Reiki when I heard an advertisement on the radio by the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. They were promoting the implementation of a holistic approach in helping their patience who had cancer. This approach added the energy modality of Reiki in combination with their traditional cancer treatments. Their studies had shown that adding energy treatments with their traditional treatments lowered the patients nausea affects from chemotherapy, and promoted their own ability to heal nd recover. Adding Reiki also created a greater sense of relaxation and stress reduction for the recipients. Many even reporting sleeping better after their sessions.

In 2011, both of my parents were diagnosed with Cancer. I felt this was an opportunity for me to support my parents and others who had cancer by offering them and their caregivers an additional resource in their journey towards their optimal health and well being.

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